Sunday 7th February 2010

It’s not often that I urge you to go off and read something other than my diary, but today is one of those days. If you wish to feel inspired, humbled and more determined than ever to make a difference with your life, go to . I came away from it knowing it contained so many nuggets of truth and wondering if I will ever be successful enough to be invited to give such a speech. I may of course have to get someone else to read it for me, but I’m sure that the students at Harvard would be delighted to be addressed by a dog. I can’t see that there is anything that I could say to them that would be half as inspiring as this.

My Mistress says it is thinking time, but I have my suspicions. She seems to have disappeared to the other house on her own. She slipped out quietly when no one apart from me would notice and made me promise not to say anything. Of course the fact that I lay on the stairs staring at the front door waiting for her to come back may have given the game away just slightly. When she came back she told me about every room in the house. She’d been just standing in each one in turn, trying to imagine what it was going to look like when we move in. I asked if she’d imagined the dirty paw prints all over the floor and was comforted when she said it wouldn’t be the same without them. She is a little worried about whether the stairs might be a bit difficult for a dog and whether having wooden stairs might not be a mistake from out point of view. I just hope she isn’t expecting us to stay downstairs. I’d miss snuggling up in bed. Unless she slept downstairs as well.