Tuesday 9th February 2010

If you believe the right forecast then we can have some more snow. If you don’t want snow then you just need to choose a different forecast. In the meantime, there has been yet another trip to B&Q for a light fitting and this time it was to a different B&Q store again. By the time we have finished we will have been to every B&Q throughout the land. Still it’s good to have a specialist subject in case you ever want to go on Mastermind.

In the meantime you wouldn’t believe just how fast the decorators can move when you really need them to. There is colour appearing all over the house. We are starting to see the full effect of my Mistress’s imagination. She wanted something bright for the entry porch, but met with scepticism from the remaining members of the household. I said she could do as she pleased seeing as I only see in black and white. Anyway, she promised the rest of the house that if they really didn’t like the colour then she would personally repaint it with something else. Then when she went to buy the orange paint, the shop didn’t have it, but did fortuitously have the colour that everyone else had agreed to. So my Mistress gave in.

I heard from my Mum and sister yesterday. They are both well. Mum is slowing down a little now that she’s nine, but she’s making up for it by barking more. My sister is starting to think about having her second litter but has to go to the Netherlands for an extra health test first. I do hope she gets on all right as it would be lovely to have one of my nieces around, particularly if she’s something like her uncle Alfie.