Saturday 6th February 2010

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Shadow, happy birthday to you.” As you can imagine, she’s taking it in her stride. She wanted my Mistress to bring her breakfast in bed this morning but was soon dissuaded of that idea. She has also put a bid in for extra scraps today and I’ve said no to that one. I gave her a present of the ball I had for my birthday but didn’t like. She didn’t seem to appreciate the gesture. It flashes so it can be seen in the dark. However, the problem is that it flashes so that it can scare the living daylights out of you. It’s very creepy.

We also have good news on the house front. We have a working staircase. No longer does my Mistress have to be all courageous and go up a ladder when she needs to go upstairs. The painter has asked what my Mistress wants it finished with and she has stressed that it is important that it isn’t slippery as much for our benefit as the humans in the house. I wonder if she’s going to have to do something like she did in Belgium and put special strips across the stairs so that we can get a grip. Carpet does have its advantages, but now may not be a good time to say that to her.

We had problems with a delivery that my Mistress had asked to be delivered straight to the new house. First of all they hade a dyslexic spelling of the road name and were unable to do the anagram. Given that there are only 4 or 5 roads in the whole village, and they’d got the right letters you’d like to think they could have done that one. Then they couldn’t find the right house. Given there are only about ten houses on the road and only one of them is a building site, you’d have like to think they could have worked that one out as well. Still it got here in the end.