Wednesday 3rd February 2010

My Mistress is thinking of asking B&Q if she could possibly have a bed there, rather than keep having to come home in between visits. If she isn’t going there to buy something, she’s going there to take something back that doesn’t fit. I did point out to her that if she scoped the job correctly in the first place then she wouldn’t have so much of an issue, but it seems my advice was unwelcome.

The best news of all is that our house now has stairs. It is a very exciting step in the right direction. It is actually a number of steps in the right direction when the direction you wanted was up. In the end my Mistress had got much more proficient in climbing the ladder but she has said that she is more than happy never to have to do that again. Ever! Andy’s bedroom is red. It is so red that when the sun goes down, his bedroom is enough to light the whole village. To be fair it does look good but between there and the bright yellow bedroom the whole family is going to need sunglasses. That’s before they’ve even started decorating the orange bathrooms. This is what happens when you let my Mistress loose with a colour chart and a whole house to decorate. She shows no restraint whatsoever. Fortunately, my Master was involved in the decision making process even if it was only to use the rubber stamp! It is slightly possible that one room changed colour late in the day (due to the chosen colour no longer being in production) and my Master may not have been consulted on the revised colours. So as long as none of you tell him then my Mistress will get away with saying ‘But it is the colour you agreed to’ and him being none the wiser.