Thursday 4th February 2010

Well you just have to laugh. Do you remember the light fittings that my Mistress had to take back? She now has to go and buy one of them back from B&Q. It turns out that she miscounted and is a mirror and a light fitting short. You would think that the simple job of counting the number of rooms and the number of light fittings would be one that she was competent to undertake, but it turns out that it was beyond her skills. What is worse is that the nearest B&Q claims not to have any, despite the fact that she took two back yesterday and she has to go to the store the other side of York. Still it keeps her occupied.

The other funny thing is that there is a house in a neighbouring village that was for sale when my Master and Mistress were looking. When my Mistress has enquired about it, the house was under offer and shortly to complete so was not available. My Mistress kept ringing because, at the time, apart from not being in our village it was exactly what they were looking for. The funny thing is that it is now for sale again. They could have waited and bought that and still moved in as soon as we will move into our new house. It has a much bigger garden and my Mistress thought that would be good for me and Shadow, but I said we’d be happy with the garden at the new house so she needn’t worry about us. She does like this village, so it is better that we stay here and now we’ve done the work to the new house it would be difficult to find somewhere that was so exactly what they want. It isn’t stopping her wanting to find out how much the other one has gone up for sale for though!