Tuesday 2nd February 2010

Every so often, when you are going along in blissful ignorance, reality hits home with a thud. Oh yes, my Mistress has bought all the light fittings (although she has got to take one back and change it, but that’s a different story). And yes the very nice electrician man is putting them all up. And again yes she has bought the light bulbs. What no one had reckoned on until now is exactly how she is going to change light bulbs in light fittings that hang from the roof of a room that goes into the eaves. Two rooms to be precise. A step ladder will not be nearly long enough and as it is usually my Mistress who changes the light bulbs in the house this is going to be an issue. To reach the lights in question will require a full length ladder and as you may have appreciated by now, my Mistress does not do full length ladders. It is quite possible that some rooms will have to rely on additional floor lamps plugged into the mains while the bulbs will remain blown for months if not years!

My Mistress was very excited the other day as she got to speak to Megan on the phone. Megan is now sixteen weeks old. She didn’t say a great deal but apparently she was wagging her tail at the sound of my Mistress’s voice which is a good sign. We are told that Megan is very bright and good in training. I’m just hoping that she is as easy going as I am, as one completely crazy dog in the house is quite enough for anyone. Since the snow has gone, Shadow has rediscovered plastic pig and it turns out that he still squeaks. She has been squealing him repeatedly in an attempt to annoy us all. It reminds me of my puppyhood.