Monday 1st February 2010

For several months the fluorescent tub in the light in the garage hasn’t worked. My Mistress has taken a torch when she’s gone into the garage to get anything, my Master has simply sworn every time. Because they are getting ready to move into their new house, my Mistress decided it was time to replace a few light bulbs. It was triggered by the last of the four in the hall blowing and tripping the fuse. When my Mistress got out to the garage, with her torch, she found that in fact two fuses were in the off position, the second being the garage lights. Funnily enough when she turned it back on the fluorescent tube lit up. It seems there’s nothing wrong with it at all.

I want to know why, early in a morning, it is all right for the birds to sing at the tops of their little voices, but it isn’t all right for me to go outside and bark at the top of my little voice. Ok, so my voice may not be quite as little and I might not sing in tune, but why should these rights be given to birds and not dogs? It’s bad enough when it’s one rule for humans and another for dogs, but when even the birds have got more rights than we have there is something very wrong.

This is an exciting week on the house front. It is due to get its staircase tomorrow. At that point it might begin to look like a real house where the upstairs is actually connected to the downstairs. My Mistress has, with the help of at least two men, mastered going up and down the ladder, but she won’t be sorry when she doesn’t have to do it anymore and for obvious reasons, I haven’t been allowed up there yet.