Sunday 31st January 2010

It seems that everything is about the new house at the moment. Yesterday was curtain and bulb buying. Would you believe that the light fittings they have chosen take eleven different types of bulb? Is my Mistress really expecting to keep a stock of every different type they need or are some rooms going to end up being very dark when the bulb blows and a new one has not yet been bought? Shops have a stock control system whereby when the last item is sold some more are ordered in time to restock the shelves. Do you think in this age of technology my Mistress might be able to bring in a similar system for the ordering of light bulbs? It would need to be an electronic system as the rest of the family forgets to write on the board when we need to buy something. I’d do it for them, but I find the chalk a bit fiddly.

I’ve got used to having a good bark when anyone goes along the road by our house. My Mistress has sat me down and explained that whilst I can get away with that for a public road, where everyone is a complete stranger, I am not to do that for our new neighbours. I said she needn’t worry as I don’t do it with our current neighbours, with the exception of the dogs, who in fairness she built the partition across the garden to separate me from. That reminds me, Shadow has eaten her way through the partition. It’s made from trellis and she has chewed a Shadow sized hole through it. She went through to investigate but I couldn’t squeeze through. I know what it’s like that side anyway, but she wouldn’t believe that before she came along I had free run of that side of the garden too.