Friday 29th January 2010

Oh they can stalk me all they like, but I wasn’t wrong. BT are to competence what Gordon Brown is to popularity. Yes, the internet took my Mistress’s order and yes it sent her an email in confirmation, but no they didn’t actually record her order on their system. If it hadn’t been for the fact that she doesn’t trust them and had as a result gone onto the website to track the non-existent order then she might never have known. Well, at least not until they didn’t turn up to install the phone. So it took another forty minutes on the phone to them to sort it out. Except their computer system went down and they weren’t able to complete the order. Apparently someone is going to ring my Mistress back within 48 hours. The clock is ticking. They’ve had 24 hours yet and she’s waiting. Of course if they do ring, she will now lose the bet that she has with my Master that they won’t actually ring and she’ll have to ring them and probably start the whole process again. What this does confirm is that my Mistress is simply stating facts when she says that as an organisation they lack a certain amount of efficiency.

By contrast the new grill pan arrived within only two says of ordering. It’s just a little difficult to ring anyone from it. On the bright side, the curtain poles are now on order or at least she hopes they are. She hasn’t actually had an email to confirm those so it could just be that they’ve taken the money.

It makes the life of a dog all seem rather tame. If I want to talk to another dog in the neighbourhood I just stand in the back garden and howl. You’d e amazed how effective that is at raising the local rabble.