Saturday 30th January 2010

It may come as no great surprise to you that after the 48 hours my Mistress was promised she still hadn’t heard from BT. Taking her life in her hands, she rang BT sales department to find they had computer problems and our order was stuck as ‘pending’ in the system. The only problem was that no one knew what exactly it was pending for and it wasn’t brought to anyone’s attention. A lovely lady called Rona, or Rhona or something like that, was able to persuade the system to let go of our order and send it through to the right people to do the work. It’s always worrying though when they end the conversation with ‘If you haven’t heard from us within seven days …’ At that point, you just know you’re going to have to get in touch with them again. Thanks to the lovely Rona, the call wasn’t as painful as my Mistress was expecting. Although, the l bloke called Pascale the other day, who spoke to her for a short time before transferring her to someone else, really did have a very nice French accent or so my Mistress said!

Today my Mistress is on a mission to buy the final curtains. It is partly complicated by having bought the wrong size for one room and now being desperate to find a matching one so that they can be used in another room. If she fails I suspect we’ll be having some new cushions made out of the material. My Master is off quad-biking for the afternoon, so my Mistress is expecting a large pile of muddy washing to be appearing in the not too distant future. It might be easier just to put my Master in the bath fully clothed, or even to hose him down outside, although I’m doubting that he will be too happy to go along with that plan!