Thursday 28th January 2010

So the lights have been bought and we now move on to the curtain poles. This would be a more straightforward task if they hadn’t had some odd shaped windows put in. Now the decision is whether to have ordinary shaped curtains on odd shaped windows. It is not a decision that I am taking part in. Once again my Mistress has scoured the internet and found some great on-line places to buy the poles from, so at least she won’t have to drive to every B&Q store again to clear their shelves of curtain poles.

She really doesn’t help herself when it comes to all these little jobs that are getting in the way of the time she can spend with me. Last night she took the grill pan out of the oven and managed to throw it across the kitchen floor. Fortunately it wasn’t hot at the time. Shadow ran for cover and refused to come out for some while, but I’ve known my Mistress long enough to expect these little mishaps once in a while, so I just looked at her and said ‘What did you do that for?’ It turned out she hadn’t meant to. Unfortunately she managed to break the handle of the grill pan, but thanks to the wonders of the internet, by 8pm she had ordered a genuine replacement part which should now be on its way to us.

She has recently enrolled on short story study course. You have to wonder how, with everything else going on at the moment, she expects to find any time to study at all. Still she seems determined. I haven’t even begun to ask who is putting the curtain poles up. I’m guessing she isn’t expecting me to go up a ladder and I know my Master is hoping she doesn’t have him in mind.