Wednesday 27th January 2010

Well if yesterday was telephone lines, today was light fittings. Oh, so many light fittings. B&Q do sell a brilliant range of light fittings, but according to the internet they don’t now stock most of the models that we originally chose some months ago. My Mistress rang a nice little man called Dave in the local B&Q store and he told her that they did in fact have the ones she wanted. So having spent three hours on the internet putting together and order that was lost when we had a power cut and then rebuilding the order, my Mistress decamped to the local store, where it turned out that our little man Dave was in fact incorrect and they didn’t have the ones we wanted. So my Mistress came home and worked out an order on the internet of everything she wanted. Only then did it turn out that you can’t actually buy them on line, you have to have them reserved in store for collection. And guess what. Our local store didn’t have them. So my Mistress placed an order with a store forty miles away for most of them and set off to collect them this morning. A lovely lady in the store had taken a long time finding them all off the shelves and my Mistress came to pay. Only then did it transpire that the shop were unwilling to sell the lights for the same price that the internet had said the previous night. So it took my Mistress 10 minutes to obtain the trolleys they were loaded on and another 50 minutes of argument to eventually secure the discount. Credit where credit’s due, the assistant manager was very nice and did eventually find a way to do it. In the meantime, my Master had been back to our local store to buy the ones that the store my Mistress was going to didn’t have and then my Mistress came home via a third store to try and get the remaining ones. We are now down to two missing and my Master is tasked to go to B&Q store number four to see if he can buy the final lights. The depressing thing is that my Mistress has made a list of all the bulbs that the lights take and almost every fitting takes a different bulb.