Saturday 23rd January 2010

Being a style leader, a thinker and a guru are big responsibilities for any dog. It’s now good just frittering your life away if others want to follow in your footsteps. It is my duty to provide the role model that so many of you choose to follow. You may have thought, when I’m curled up on the warm pipes on the landing, that I’m napping. You would be wrong. I am in fact thinking very deeply about global issues and how we might solve them. I’ve taken the concept of noetic science very seriously and am now trying to change the world one small thought at a time. I am also conserving energy to deal with those really tricky issues like eating and being jumped on by Shadow.

Anyway, what you may ask have I been thinking over the last couple of days? I have been wondering what would happen if all the advances in technology were suddenly taken away again. Just supposing that for a minute, there were no computers, no mobile phones, no ipods and so on. How would what we have learnt from using technology changed us as people? It strikes me that there are a number of ways in which people have changed, but primarily I think they have become less self sufficient. In the old days when you didn’t have mobile communications, you had to make decisions or do things for yourself. You couldn’t ring someone up when you were lost, you couldn’t check when they were coming home and so on. Everyone had to live more efficiently in their own little silos. They also had to entertain themselves. There was no music carried around in their pocket. No little screen to watch a movie on or play a game. You found yourself with time on your hands and you were the one that had to fill it. So in short, technology has reduced the key survival skills possessed by most human beings. When you look at it like that, you have to ask whether it’s a good thing.