Friday 22nd January 2010

Wednesday is being declared ‘Bad dog day’ although to be honest I think it should be ‘Very bad dog day’. It all started in the afternoon when my Mistress took us outside to go to the toilet. Now I know I don’t like having to go outside in the cold weather, but I know my place. Shadow looked up at her and said ‘I don’t need to go, can I go back inside please?’ My Mistress being the softy she is agreed and opened the door. Shadow then promptly, when my Mistress wasn’t looking, peed on the hall carpet. My Mistress was furious and was down on her hands and knees clearing up. She had a few words with Shadow and all was quiet for a while.

After tea, everyone was in different rooms when my Mistress heard the sound of cutlery scraping on a plate. The dishwasher was already running and there was no more room in it, so it was unlikely anyone was clearing away, so my Mistress went to look in the kitchen. There was Shadow, sat up on a chair, licking a plate that had been left on the table, looking for all the world as though she was a human. She was severely reprimanded, the more so as she hadn’t washed her paws before sitting at the table and once again the house was quiet.

A couple of hours after that, My Mistress looked down to where Shadow was lying under her desk and said ‘What’s that you’re chewing?’ ‘Oh nothing’ said Shadow drawing the item to her. It was only then that my Mistress retrieved it to find it was in fact a pair of my Master’s socks that she had taken off my Master’s bed and brought downstairs to EAT! They were no longer much like a pair of socks and definitely past the darning stage. And so ended Bad Dog Day. Shadow has been given a big chew to keep her out of mischief and is being forbidden access to any room unaccompanied. Sadly, as I don’t count as being an accompanying adult (I was there when she stole the socks) I have lost access to lying on my Mistress’s bed all day.