Sunday 24th January 2010

They all went to the village pantomime last night, without me! I would have liked to have gone, but someone needed to stay at home to keep an eye on Shadow and sadly I was delegated that task. We are now having all the usual jokes about ‘He’s behind you’ and ‘Oh no he isn’t’, but I’m sure in time things will return to normal. (Offstage cries of ‘Oh no they won’t’). It’s fun seeing lots of people you know, dressed up as different characters. You never quite see them in the same light again. I’d have liked to have been in it. I want to play the back end of a pantomime horse, although my Mistress pointed out that with four legs already, I might have had to play the whole horse. She has said that she would like to be in it next year. In which case, I definitely want to go and watch. I wonder if her part could have a faithful dog by her side?

For the book she is writing at the moment, my Mistress needs to go and see some places first hand so that she can give better description of them. One of the places is a walk by the river Fosse near Haxby. I’ve volunteered to go with her for that one. In the book, the lead character goes there with his faithful companion, Tammy the dog. For this purpose, I am offering to take Tammy’s role and tell my Mistress how the dog would have seen the walk, so that she can make the writing completely authentic. Unfortunately, the book doesn’t include very much, if any, of Tammy’s perspective. I think this is a sad omission on my Mistress’s part and that she needs to go further to give equal parts to animals.