Wednesday 20th January 2010

My owners are starting to think of the things they will need to do to be able to finally move into our new house. “How many curtain rails are there?” asked my Master, still showing an ounce of enthusiasm for putting them up himself. “Surely there can’t be many.” My Mistress began to count, running out of fingers she began another circuit. “Seventeen I think. Oh no, wait a minute there are two windows in those rooms. That will be twenty.” My Master slumped in his chair. “And toilet roll holders, towel rails, bathroom cabinets, picture hooks . . .” At this point my Master was seriously contemplating paying someone else and my Mistress was coming to the realisation she would have to dust off her tool kit. I would help, but they don’t let me loose with a drill. I’m not entirely sure why. I’m sure I could be very careful if I tried. I’m sure that Shadow would be prepared to help hold the ladder steady whilst I went up. On second thoughts, I’m not entirely sure I trust her not to get distracted and leave me precariously balancing on an unstable ladder.

I had my booster jabs yesterday, so I’m taking the opportunity to have a quiet restful day today. I’ve actually broken off from my favourite pastime to come and write these few words to you. Until now, I’ve been curled up on the duvet on my Mistress’s bed, snoozing gently, comforted by the scent of my Mistress. I’d be just as happy to be comforted by the scent of my Master, but he gets annoyed when I leave dog hair all over his side of the bed. I nestle, curled into the pillow very contented as long as Shadow is nowhere in sight. It’s really funny, she stays down with my Mistress while she works. I think the stupid dog thinks that makes her more important. She just hasn’t grasped what a privilege it is to be snuggled where I am.