Thursday 21st January 2010

There is something very wrong with the coffee machine. It is working very slowly and seems to have a loose connection meaning that it only comes on at all if the wire is in a certain position. You would be forgiven for thinking that the main concern is for my Mistress’s safety, using what is obviously a defective appliance and I am. However, this concern is secondary to my other worry. The coffee is brewing more slowly than usual and is ending up much stronger. My Mistress is at risk of being hyper. Her eyes look like a startled cartoon character and she is bouncing off the ceiling by eleven in the morning, rather than three in the afternoon when she finished the pot of coffee. I’m wondering if I should intervene and do something about it. A couple of thoughts have come to mind. I could add some finely ground mud to the coffee to make it weaker, although I fear she might notice a change in taste. Alternatively, I could go into the kitchen while she isn’t around and throw the coffee machine out completely. This would definitely be noticed and might lead to serious consequences, although I’m thinking of blaming it on my Master in his capacity of safety representative in the house.

Shadow has progressed from puppy food to the adult variety. What is strange is that she has also taken this as a queue to eat all her food as soon as it is put out and do so with a certain amount of enthusiasm. I can only think that the adult variety she has must taste much nicer. Unfortunately there is no opportunity for me to find out as she doesn’t leave and to come back to later, as she used to do. Life can be very unfair.