Tuesday 19th January 2010

The garden looks very tired and muddy now that the snow has gone. I wondered what I could do to cheer it up a bit. The first challenge is to get Shadow to stop digging. She’s only got to stay here for another few weeks and my Mistress is even as I write considering what she needs to do to reinforce the barricades. At least now the snow has all cleared, my Mistress has been able to go round and clear up all the residual mess that we had left in the garden. She can now confirm with complete certainty that Shadow did actually eat the thumbs off the oven gloves and hadn’t just chewed them off and hidden them somewhere. Until now she has had a small hope that she might find the thumbs and be able to sew them back onto the gloves, but I can now tell you that WILL NOT be happening!

It’s good to have our cars parked back on the driveway after a month of having to leave them in the village. It almost felt lazy to my Mistress to be able to get into a car right outside her front door. She’d got used to having to go for a walk first. However with possible snow forecast for later this week and the fact that it is still only the middle of January, her pleasure may be short lived.

Yesterday started with another rejection for a short story my Mistress sent to a magazine. She has no idea where she is going wrong and thought she was making some progress. It gave rise to a certain amount of depression and the role of her beloved dog, that’s me, coming into his own and he tried to comfort her. The day I can’t cheer my Mistress up will be a very bleak day.