Wednesday 13th January 2010

I have made an amazing discovery. If you make a disparaging remark about a major corporation on Twitter, they start following you, or perhaps more accurately stalking you. I happened to mention that ‘Whoever wrote that ‘the customer is king’ clearly hadn’t dealt with British Telecom and now BT are checking out what I write. Of course, after this repeat of the comment they will probably be reading my blog as well. May I just say a very warm welcome to whoever gets that job at BT, it is clearly a worthwhile way to spend your time. If you are reading this, my Mistress asked if I could just mention that she will be requiring a new line to be installed shortly and if you could just be clear on what you are actually doing and complete the work as agreed, that would be just lovely. When you disconnected the line from the property concerned you actually didn’t. That is to say, you disconnected the wrong property and left a gentleman whose wife had died that day without a phone. Please don’t let’s have any repeat of that one!

The snow has been replaced by incessant rain and drizzle, which I have to say is considerably less attractive and neither I nor Shadow especially want to play out in it. However much it might have melted elsewhere, our drive remains unusable. This is what happens when you have an east facing sloped drive that is shielded from any possible sunshine by the house. Shadow is still on heat, so she isn’t being left outside to play for too long anyway. If there is even the slightest likelihood of a local dog coming this way, it would be nothing short of a disaster. She isn’t complaining too much. She’s feeling a bit lethargic anyway.