Tuesday 12th January 2010

It’s great isn’t it? You order a fitted wardrobe months before you need it fitting. You are happy to give them the money. You do everything that is asked of you and they still don’t get round to building it for the scheduled date you would have liked it installed. For a number of reasons, it is looking like the date for moving into our new house might not be quite as soon as my Mistress had hoped. Looking on the bright side, it does mean that she’s got some time to repair the grass at the house we’re leaving, by which time it should have started growing again. I wonder what Shadow will do to the new house!

With all the slush and mud around, I’ve actually decided I prefer it cold and snowy than like this. I keep my paws a lot cleaner and don’t have to go through the towelling off process that is inflicted on us when it’s like this. On a much less attractive note, all the places that we went to the toilet are now coming to light and my Mistress has some clearing up to do! However as the forecast seems to be that we could have some more snow over the next few days, if I were her I’d be quick about it before it all disappears again. Now isn’t that an attractive incentive.

Writing a book is all very well but you can never quite get away from it. There I was trying to have a sensible conversation with my Mistress, when she suddenly said ‘I don’t know what she looks like?’ ‘Who?’ I asked naively assuming it was a real person. As it turned out it was one of the characters in her book that she ultimately kills off. She had suddenly realised that she was lacking any real description of the characters appearance. I guess the reader could make it up in their own head.