Thursday 14th January 2010

A friend has been telling me about all the applications they have on their I-Phone. I didn’t want one before, but I do now. Would you believe you can scan a bar code in a shop and get a price comparison with other places via the internet? On top of that, you know those really annoying times when you hear a song playing in a shop or on the radio and wonder what it is and where you can get it. Well now there is an application that listens to it for a few seconds and tells you exactly what it is. How cool is that? While my Mistress is away from the computer, I am busy researching what it would cost to buy one and work out how long I’m going to have to save my pocket money for.

Something really good has happened today. For those of you who have followed me for a while, you will remember that whilst I lived in Belgium, my best friend was called Elvis. Well, when we left Belgium it made it harder to keep in touch and when they left Belgium I lost touch altogether. His mum has just surfaced on Facebook, so I’m now waiting for my friend request to be accepted so that I can see how he is.

As you will know, I am leader of the Pet Dogs Democratic Party. I have been wondering whether I should be standing for Parliament in the forthcoming General Election and if so which seat I should stand in. Well I have now found that my Mistress has a cousin who will be standing for the Conservative Party and I was wondering whether I ought to stand against him. I think to be honest, I’d probably rather stand elsewhere as he’s a good bloke and it would be a shame for him to lose out to me.