Monday 11th January 2010

Some things are sent to try us. In this case it simply reminds me of the indignity and injustice of having health issues. Shadow has reached that point in her season when she is interested in boys. I don’t just mean that she doesn’t mind having me around. I mean the point where she presents her rear end to me on a regular basis and expects me to do something about it. Has she no feelings? I would dearly like to oblige. In fact I think I could safely say that nothing would give me greater pleasure. However, I can’t and that’s all there is to it. It wasn’t my fault that I had to have some of the appropriate bits removed for health reasons. I didn’t get a great deal of say in the process. I was a puppy and the decision was made for me. You try explaining that to a girl on heat and see if she’s interested in your story. As it turns out, if it hadn’t been for the undescended testicle, I would still have been forbidden from breeding on the grounds of my heart murmur. Since when has something like that stopped humans from breeding? It strikes me there is a certain amount of injustice in telling a dog he can’t breed on account of not being a perfect specimen, but still letting millions of humans get on with it unimpeded.

Another snowy week commences, but at least this week is expected to go above freezing, which I have to say is a great improvement on last week. It is perhaps a little early to say that spring is on the way, but at least I can go to be without my bedsocks. I guess the key indicator will be how soon my Master and Mistress are able to safely park their cars on our driveway and know they will be able to get off again.