Saturday 2nd June 2010

I’ve been trying to work out whether I want to call this year twenty-ten or two thousand and ten. It was two thousand and nine but nineteen-ninety, so I guess each of us will have to make up our own mind, unless the media does it for us. Come to that what will the decade be called? Are you going with the tenties, which sounds like it follows the convention but then of course ten doesn’t have a second t in it, while ninety does. You could as an alternative plump for tennis, which just sounds weird, but then so did the noughties. As an alternative we could just dub these ‘the nameless decades’. Let me know what you decide.

Whatever decisions are reached it is inevitable that this will be an interesting decade. We will succeed or fail at developing my dog breed in this country. I just hope we succeed. Shadow will have her tests for breeding this year and Megan, who I have to say from the pictures is a little sweetie, will join our little household. If all goes according to plan I will become an uncle to a special puppy who will also be coming to live with us. This decade will also see my Mistress succeed or fail as a writer. I don’t like to mention it but the year got off to a bad start on this front when she received some critiques back for poems she’d entered in a competition. I’ll just leave it at saying she was feeling a bit disillusioned when I spoke to her earlier.

We started the year with snow. Some of the ice has been around for two weeks, which is a long time for England. I wonder what the next decade is going to hold for the world on the weather front.