Sunday 27th December 2009

In an interesting turn of events, all the snow has fallen off the roof at the back of the house. It came down in one go, which is good news as there are fewer odd noises for Shadow to bark at. However it is also bad news, as you can barely get out of the back door and when you do you walk straight into an ice-drift. It’s too solid to describe as snow, but it certainly takes some climbing. I think this is a good sign that there is some thawing going on, but you wouldn’t really think so if you looked at the garden. My Mistress made a little snowman on the outside table and that looks as though it could be with us for a good while to come.

My Mistress spent most of yesterday with a headache, but at least she has found the cause. She got all excited when she got some marzipan fruits from Santa, as under normal circumstances she is safe to eat marzipan. Of course that isn’t the case when some bright spark has used paprika as food colouring. Now she has a choice with the other half of the box. She can either appear wonderful by offering them round the rest of the family, even giving away her last one and looking generous by doing it, or she can admit that she can’t eat them before she hands them round. I’m more of the opinion that she should feed them to me as I also like marzipan and don’t seem to have a problem with paprika!

Shadow and I were the grateful recipients of lots of small pieces of turkey today. My Mistress has carved the rest of the meat off the bones to save having to do it every meal. The great thing for us was that it was a bit crumbly and bits kept landing on the floor. Then there were the pieces that my Mistress deliberately passed my way. She does spoil me at times.