Saturday 26th December 2009

Well it’s presents again today. It’s my Master’s birthday. I think he’s the only one that gets to open them this time. We had great fun with ours yesterday. It was mainly an eating thing. In fact the whole day seemed to revolve around food. I barked a few Christmas greetings to those who were passing. Shadow, on the other paw, chose to eat the bathroom bin. It was a wicker bin and by the time she’d finished there were bits of wicker all over the landing and no bottom in the bin. I said it was ungrateful for her when we’d been given such lovely things, but she just shrugged and said she was bored.

I’ve actually been having a few problems with Shadow recently. She is flexing her muscles and trying to make out that she’s top dog. For the most part I can live with it. I’ll back off and leave her to it. But things recently have gone too far. She wants to sit next to my Mistress and that’s my seat. She’s even gone for me a couple of times and not appreciated when my Mistress moves her unceremoniously out of the way. Her worst behaviour was when my Master moved her and she snapped at him. It’s one thing saying she is above me in the pecking order but to get the idea that she is above my Master is really not on. My Mistress had words with her about it, but Shadow just glared at my Master so I don’t think from her point of view that it’s over yet. I’m just a wimp. I rely on my Mistress to safeguard my position in the pack. It does mean I’ve got a bit more clingy but fortunately my Mistress doesn’t seem to mind.