Monday 28th December 2009

Well that is Christmas over for another year. It’s time to turn my mind to the important task of setting new year’s resolutions. I sat Shadow down and tried to explain the process to her but she just shrugged and said she thought she was perfect and didn’t need to improve. I coughed slightly and said “What about all the things you chew or eat that you aren’t supposed to have?” The audacity of the puppy, she said she regards that as someone else’s problem rather than hers. Now, I can see where she’s coming from, but has the puppy got no moral values at all? Does she not have a conscience?

I think it would be better if we all sat down and made resolutions for each other. Obviously the person you made it for would have to do the hard work of trying to keep it, but you could each raise the point that you found most difficult to live with in the other person. I would ask my Master to resolve to stop asking me to get off the bed when I was there first and I would ask my Mistress to resolve always to have at least five minutes for me before greeting Shadow when she comes in. The fun one would be that I could actually ask Shadow to change her behaviour and my first thought is that she could stop destroying my toys! I had a new rubber chicken for Christmas. I was so excited. I have had so much fun with the others. I love making it squeak and I look shaking it in my mouth. Shadow had a squeaky hotdog, which is nice for her but not nearly so satisfying. Unfortunately she thought the same thing and pinched the chicken. To add insult to injury, the first thing she did was to chew the squeaker so that it came out and stopped working.