Friday 25th December 2009

As I write this, it looks as though we might be having our first white Christmas in my lifetime. (White in the sense that there is snow on the ground, even if none falls on the weather centre in London on the actual day.) It makes me think about global warming and the implications for the world.

We hear many politicians saying we should take action to prevent global warming, but isn’t about time that these actions went hand in hand with some preparedness for the implications of the global warming that has already taken place. Now, I don’t know what it means for the part of the world that you are in, but here in England it seems to mean that we will have more flooding and apparently more snow.

Other than buying a boat or two, I’m not really sure what we do about the flooding. I have suggested previously that car makers might like to look more seriously at the question of amphibious vehicles. Clearly it is more a problem for housing. Historically, as climate changed, people moved to accommodate the changes. They moved south when it became cold in the north. They moved to higher ground or lower ground to suit the immediate needs. Tough as such decisions may be, why do humans now think they should be immune from such changes?

With regards to the snow, I’m advocating the use of snow chains or snow tyres to be compulsory. I don’t know how it would work where you alternate between clear roads and roads with snow, perhaps we could take advice from our colleagues in countries that already deal with a greater snow problem.

Even if everyone takes serious notice of what needs to be done for the future, it is unlikely to be enough to reverse the problems of the past.  There are things we can all do to help. I realise in the present weather you might question the sanity of my Master and Mistress having a solar panel put on the new house, but I’m told that it pays for itself in savings within four years. That is an awful lot faster than used to be the case and will considerably cut their oil consumption. I did suggest my Mistress swapped from a car to a bike, but that went down less well.

Anyway, having left you with something to think about over your Christmas dinner, all that remains is for me to wish you and all your friends and family a very happy and safe Christmas and do remember just how much your dog will enjoy his own portion of turkey, not just the scraps the children don’t eat. Although I would suggest, particularly if he is like Shadow, that you would be well advised not to give him the surplus brussel sprouts!