Tuesday 8th December 2009

You’ll be pleased to know that Shadow just has a small injury to her mouth, probably from grazing it with a chew. It’s healing of it’s own accord and should be back to normal shortly. I pointed out that she could have avoided it altogether by letting me have the chew, but she said it was a risk she was willing to take.

I was pleased to see that the flood damaged town of Workington now at least has a foot bridge uniting the different sides. I guess that means if you have to drive that route to work, you need to make an arrangement with a friend whereby one of you leaves a car one side of the bridge so that you can drive part way, walk across the bridge and then drive the rest of the way. I wonder if there’s now a big parking problem either side of the bridge. If you were really clever and could come to an arrangement with a person who worked in the opposite direction, you could simply swap cars at the bridge and drive the other person’s car to work, then return it at the end of the day.

In the meantime round here, they have simply resorted to leaving the flood signs out. As soon as they take them away because the water has gone down, it comes back up and they need the signs again. It’s not so bad if you’re local and know the ways round the water, but if you aren’t you could find yourself on some fairly long detours. If global warming causes ever more flooding, will we see car manufacturers seriously investing in the technology to convert a car into a boat for short stretches of travelling?