Monday 7th December 2009

It’s only the 7th of December and my Mistress has managed to get my Master to write his Christmas cards. I think the fact that my Mistress will be in Switzerland for the weekend before Christmas is driving her to want to do everything a little bit earlier than she would have done otherwise and she is usually early enough! On a more disappointing note, my Mistress went shopping for some more chews to keep Shadow occupied. However many times I go and hang my head over the edge of the box they are kept in, I keep getting the same answer as to whether I can have one. I’ve resorted to asking Santa if I can have one for Christmas. I can paw on heart say that I’ve been good this year and deserve something nice as a reward.

Looking ahead a week or so, we have a problem with the Christmas tree. The only room that it will fit in our current house is the kitchen. That is the same room that Shadow gets shut into when my Mistress goes out. My Mistress does not think it will be safe to put any chocolate tree decorations up, or to wrap any presents and leave them under the tree. A certain puppy who will remain nameless is likely to eat them if we do. Yes, she’d eat the presents as well as the chocolates.

I shouldn’t be too hard on Shadow at the moment. She seems to have a poorly mouth. She is off to the vet tomorrow so we will know a little more about what the problem is. I fear she has been chewing too many chews, but if she doesn’t have those it will be anything paper or shoe-like.