Wednesday 25th November 2009

The fireplace has been ordered. The electricity meter is being moved and all is right with the world, at least until the next crisis. Meanwhile Shadow is going through a crazy faze. That is as opposed with the almost crazy state she has been permanently in since she moved to live with us. At the moment, she has limitless energy and is running round like a mad thing. It’s actually worse than that as she keeps throwing my beds around and burrowing under the covers on the bed. You don’t actually know where she is going to jump out at you from next. My Mistress is finding it tiring just watching her.

In some ways, Shadow has been a great disappointment to me. Oh she’s beautiful and will make a great mum, but I was looking for a political protégé. I wanted a puppy that I could bring up in the ways of the Pet Dogs Democratic Party; someone who would campaign for me tirelessly. I can’t even get Shadow vaguely interested in current affairs never mind the politics of governance. She does watch more television than I do, but she watches whatever is on rather than choosing to pay attention to the news. I hope this isn’t simply a girl dog thing and that when we have more of them around they won’t all be like Shadow. Obviously, they’ll all be expected to have litters but does that have to preclude them from being thinking dogs? My Mistress likes the fact that I am on her wavelength. We can talk for hours about the issues of the day.

Well my Mistress has committed her last murder, for this book anyway. She has almost finished the first draft of the book and then just has the editing ahead of her. Unfortunately, she is still trying to find a publisher for her first book, so it just means even more time spent in sending things out in the post.