Thursday 26th November 2009

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times. If you leave things on the floor we are going to see them as our play things and they are going to get played with. And so it is that Shadow has progressed to chewing a shoe. It was going to happen sooner or later and is it turns out it was sooner. Now I know James’ feet are still growing and he would have grown out of them sooner or later but that is no excuse for bad behaviour on the part of a puppy. She says she was bored. My Mistress had gone out for an hour and left my Master in charge but he wouldn’t play with her as he was trying to work. If you look at it from his perspective that is a reasonable response. There are times for play and there are times for work. Shadow on the other paw didn’t see it in quite the same light and was making a point of what happens when she doesn’t get attention when she wants it. The whole thing has backfired on her as it now means she gets shut in her room more often than she did. I’m allowed free run of the house, because I’m a good dog. To be honest I’ve never cared overly much for the taste of shoes. At the best of times the sole is a bit chewy and at the worst, the smell really doesn’t tempt me in that direction.

My Mistress has finished the first draft of her novel. She has at last stopped killing people but says it is only a temporary lull in hostilities. For a start there is the editing of this book and then she’ll be off on another killing spree, which she is promising will be even more gruesome than the last one.