Tuesday 24th November 2009

Now I’m not one to talk about celebrity tv shows and certainly haven’t spent a great deal of time watching them, however it would be remiss of me to make no mention of the main events of last weekend. If you are going to allow yourself to go on ‘I’m a celebrity get me out of here’ you’ve got to be prepared for the consequences. If you are going to be paid £350k to go on, when everyone else is only being paid £70k you’ve got to be prepared to give your money’s worth. If the public thinks it will get its money’s worth by making you do all the nasty things, well the public has spoken. I can only hope that having walked off the show and refused to do any more tasks, the celebrity concerned will also forfeit a large chunk of the money for failing to stay the course. Now to be fair, my Mistress said that even if you paid her £350k she wouldn’t be prepared to do any of the challenges, but then she hasn’t agreed to go on the show in the first place, so she can’t be accused of letting the public down.

Then of course there was X Factor. I’ve only watched one episode of this series, but even to the untrained ear of a dog, John and Edward were weak compared to many of the other contestants. I could see they provided good modest entertainment but they certainly weren’t pop star material. I was therefore delighted to hear that the public had seen sense and voted them off the show. They could have a very good career ahead of them in light entertainment, but I think it is unlikely that they will ever be completely in the limelight.

That just makes me wonder why we call it ‘limelight’ when it isn’t usually a green light and doesn’t have the taste of citric acid to it. I’m guessing there may have been some historical reason and if any of you would like to tell me what it is, I would be very grateful.