Tuesday 17th November 2009

I didn’t get lots of exciting birthday presents from Discover Dogs because my Mistress couldn’t see very much that she thought I’d like. There were no giant chews, so she may have to arrange a trip to Belgium especially so that she can get some more for us. What she did buy for me was a ball with an LED flashing light in it that lights up when you throw it. I think this may be an attempt to play fetch in the dark, but as the ball only flashes for a short while, it may prove a little on the pointless side. Still it is the thought that counts and she did think. She was delighted that Peter Purves came and visited the stand and wanted to see what the dogs were like. If you don’t know who he is, then shame on you. He presented Blue Peter when my Master and Mistress were young enough to watch it and now does a lot of presentation of dog events. So whether you are a dog or a human, you really should know.

Shadow and I are both feeling a lot better now. We are certainly over the worst of the infection and should be out and about again within the next few days. My Mistress is relieved that we aren’t sneezing all over her anymore and I must admit I’m glad not to be coughing too.

The most worrying development, for Shadow anyway, is that my Mistress has instituted an intense training programme for her. All types of bad behaviour are not to be tolerated. In particular, she isn’t to bark found the house or jump up. Of course, I’ll believe it when I see it. She was born with springs on her feet and is constantly bouncing up to human eye height in case they’d missed her.

I nearly forgot to wish my granddad a very happy birthday. He’s 84 today in human years. I can’t even begin to count what that would be in dog years. Let’s just sat that it’s an awful lot.