Wednesday 18th November 2009

So soon after attending the event last weekend my Mistress has sat down with me and Shadow and asked whether we would like to go to Crufts and do the same there. Well obviously the answer was yes, but then Shadow got all girlie and said she’d probably be on heat around then, in which case with all those boy dogs around she’d rather stay at home. Then I said I didn’t want to do it on my own. My Mistress said she hopes that some of the other dogs will be able to come too, but it runs for four days, which is quite a long time when there are only a few of you to man (or should that be dog?) the stall. It’s all very well but we are adding people to the list wanting puppies and we are still a little way away from having any. Shadow got a bit worried realising the huge weight of expectation that sits on her shoulders, but my Mistress gave her some reassurance and told her that she will not be alone in the process. It makes my Mistress smile when people ask her whether there are any breeders in ‘their area’. If by their area they mean Great Britain then there is currently one girl of breeding age, so it’s all a bit limited.

We’ve had one of those days where something has beeped at intervals. An annoying high pitched beep that tells you the battery is going. My Mistress has spent what seems like hours, standing around waiting for the next beep so that she can move round the house in the right direction to find it. Then of course, when you do discover exactly what it is, you are faced with the problem that you don’t have a battery of the right size to replace it with. Then you have the choice of leaving it beeping or removing the battery altogether and hope it doesn’t need to tell you of a problem before you are able to go to the shops to buy a replacement.