Monday 16th November 2009

Well it’s another week and I wonder what this one is going to hold? Last week saw my Mistress, who has balance problems, having to climb up a ladder to look at something on the building work and Shadow and I being ill. Shadow and I are now improving but it’s going to be a few days before we are completely well. At least that is what I’m telling my Mistress as a reason to carry on being brought breakfast in bed. Shadow is going to miss her training class tonight, but she was doing quite well so it won’t do too much harm.

I was reading a very interesting piece on the internet the other day. Some of you may have heard of the Large Hadron Collider, which is some big scientific thing that has been built below the ground near Geneva. It has cost millions of pounds to build and is the finest that technology has to offer. Recently it stopped working due to a problem with its cooling system and they have now revealed the cause. Apparently a bird managed to drop a piece of baguette into it. You can just imagine the scientists thinking of all the precautions they might have needed to keep it running, the endless calculations of the perfect temperature at which to operate, the perfect speed of operation, but not one of them thought to factor in the innocent mistake of a passing bird. You would think that if we’ve worked out that we need to put cowls over chimney pots to stop things going down the chimney, they might have worked out that the same would be needed to keep a delicate machine functioning perfectly.