Sunday 15th November 2009

Apparently scientists have discovered the gene that means that humans can talk but chimpanzees can’t. It isn’t just about one developing their language skills and the other one not bothering. It is actually a genetic difference. Now all things considered I find that quite depressing. Basically it is saying to all other types of animal ‘you are never going to talk, however hard you try’ and that will take the will to improve away from many. Incidentally, I don’t actually think it is true. I can speak and my Mistress understands what I am saying. I may not have a very wide vocabulary but I can tell her what I’m thinking in basic terms. Then when it comes to the words I understand there are a far wider range of words that I know what they mean, even if I can’t actually pronounce them very well. What is language if it isn’t the use of sounds to bring about understanding? On the whole the amount I know is dictated by the patience that a human being has in wanting to teach them to me. It does help if the words sound sufficiently different. I’m not even fussy about what language you use as long as you always use the same word to mean the same thing.

I think my Mistress needs a new mouse for the computer. The one we have now doesn’t always move across the screen when you want it to. She’s been down the route of cleaning it and getting all the fluff out of its little crevices but it seem this isn’t enough. It’s particularly difficult when you aren’t that dexterous to make sure you get it to hit the right computer function. It’s very frustrating when you find yourself printing when you only meant to highlight the text.