Saturday 14th November 2009

The upshot of yesterday’s meter incident is that it is possible we may have to report our old electricity meter as stolen. You can see this being a perfect set-up for one of those unbelievable crime report emails that goes round. It’s not exactly common place to have to report your electricity meter has gone walkabout. The worst of it is you just know that the police will laugh at you and be left with an unsolved crime on their books and all because the electricity company doesn’t keep very good records of the work they have done.

I’m sitting in kennels as I write this. Shadow and I are in isolation and whilst for most of the time it doesn’t make much difference, there is a certain leper quality to it and I feel as though I should be given a bell and go round calling ‘unclean’. It makes you think of humans that go out and about when they have a cough or cold and give it to everyone around them. Perhaps humans should be as willing to put themselves in isolation as they are their pets. At least we’ve got each other for company and we’ve got one or two toys to play with. We haven’t even got our own beds. We’ve had to have ones that the kennels have provided so that they aren’t infected. Meanwhile my Master and Mistress are off in London probably looking at other dogs. They will certainly be seeing Shadow’s three brothers. They have promised to take some photos to bring back and show to us, so that we don’t feel quite so left out. I’m also hoping for some very special belated birthday presents.