Friday 13th November 2009

There I was thinking that my birthday was on Sunday and I wake up today and realise what day it is. It’s a bit worrying having your birthday on Friday 13th, but then I guess if you are born on the 13th it is going to happen every six years or so. I was going to say seven but then I remembered about leap years. Anyway, happy birthday to me. Not really so happy as I’m going to spend most of it in isolation in kennels.

I had a get well card from Granny. Then she found out that Shadow was ill too and had to send one to her so that she didn’t feel left out. Mine had a dog chasing a cat through a train, which was all rather fun. Shadow’s was a funny one about a leprechaun at a pub lunch. That is the great thing with internet cards, they can have movement as part of them. I wonder when someone will invent a picture on a piece of paper that can move. It’s a bit like the paintings in Harry Potter where the subjects come and go as they please. It’s a nice thought that you can’t completely capture and image and take away its freedom.

My poor Mistress spent rather a long tine on the phone to our electricity provider trying to arrange for a new meter to be connected to our new house. There was one tiny little problem. The electricity company couldn’t find any record of removing the old meter. They said if they couldn’t find the old meter then they couldn’t fit a new one. Now there is just one small problem in all this and that is that no one knows who removed the meter. It certainly wasn’t my Mistress and it wasn’t the builder. Please is there someone out there who would like to claim responsibility for having our meter?