Thursday 12th November 2009

We have a small disaster on our paws. Shadow is ill too. It turns out that the vaccination I had against kennel cough is a bit like a human flu vaccination and doesn’t cover all types of the illness. That’s nice to be told when you’ve suffered having an injection up your nose. Quite apart from the fact that we are both going round the house sneezing over everyone and everything, which in itself is really rather unpleasant, it means that we aren’t allowed around other dogs. On a normal week that wouldn’t be too big a deal and we’d just stay home and keep our germs to ourselves. This week however is different. Shadow was supposed to be going to Discover Dogs at Earls Court. For some of the time she was going to be the only dog on our stand. Now she can’t go. So it means for Saturday morning my Master and Mistress will be representing the Entlebucher breed, without actually having an Entlebucher to show to anyone.

It does mean that I won’t be as lonely in kennels. I can now be in isolation in company, if that makes sense. Shadow says she doesn’t feel too bad, but I’m still feeling pretty subdued. It has made me a little more sympathetic to the concept of the human cold. I’ve got a cough, I’m sneezing and I’ve got swollen glands. The only good thing is that my Mistress is pampering both of us, which is rather decent of her given she keeps getting sneezed over for her trouble. I do wish I could get my paws around a tissue so that I could be a little less anti-social.