Wednesday 11th November 2009

I’m going to find it easy to hold a minutes silence this morning, I’ve got a sore throat and swollen glands and I’m not feeling very well. I’ve taken myself off to bed and my Mistress keeps coming and checking on me every so often to see if I need anything. Shadow doesn’t know what to do with herself without me around for company. She hasn’t got anyone to bounce on if you exclude the fact that the foreman from our building project called and she jumped up and grabbed his sleeve and was for a moment dangling in mid air. He’d learnt his lesson and doesn’t stand so close to the front door when he calls now.

I did think about not writing my diary at all today, with feeling so under the weather, but that would be a real shame, when I’ve been writing it for nearly four years. Shadow said she could do it for me, but she can barely read and write so I thought it might be a bit beyond her. She said she could have put a paw print or two but I said that my readers expect something a little more than a paw print. I could have got my Mistress to do it, but she seems to be too busy trying to complete the Harry Potter game on the Playstation. She did get nearly to the end, but had missed out a number of secret passages so she went back to start again from the beginning. Occasionally she has to get my Master or James to help her with the really difficult bits, but you can’t fault her perseverance.

I’m afraid that’s all for today. I’ll write more when I’m feeling better.