Wednesday 4th November 2009

First the good news. More of you have been reading my diary than ever before. I would just like to say a big welcome to anyone who’s new around here. We’re delighted you could join us. Nearly 4000 pages were read in October, that’s a lot of diary, so thank you.

My Mistress has finally lost the plot. As you may know, she doesn’t like spiders, not in real life anyway. She has taken it upon herself to try to complete one of the Harry Potter games on the Playstation. She’s taking it very seriously and making sure she’s collecting all her witches and wizards cards along the way, but she’s finally met her match. There are some very large spiders that she has to kill. Now if you are going to succeed, you first of all need to be prepared to look at the screen. Once you’ve peeked through your closed fingers you still need to be able to access the Playstation controls and be faster than the spider. Her worst nightmare is coming true, over and over again. She is being killed by giant spiders.

In the meantime, Shadow has progressed from eating books to eating whole folders of my Master’s work materials. She says if it’s on the floor it is reasonable to assume it is there for her enjoyment. I said, if it’s on the floor, it’s reasonable to assume he couldn’t be bothered to find a proper home for it. One of us is right! My Mistress managed to rescue it with only a chewed corner. She’d only been gone for half and hour to take James to school and had already issued Shadow with an enormous chew to keep her occupied, still unless the chew tastes of paper I don’t suppose it would be the same.