Thursday 5th November 2009

Well it’s come round again, bonfire night. This will be Shadow’s first one and they were explaining to her at her dog training class that if she needed it, she could get a tablet from the vet to keep her calm. She came home and asked what I thought. ‘Well,’ I said. ‘You don’t want to be taking any drugs you don’t absolutely need and besides which I find it quite fun to sit on my Master and Mistress’s bed and watch the displays out of the window.’ She asked if I would hold her paw if she got frightened and I said that of course I would. I don’t know how many there will actually be in the village tonight as there is a display tomorrow night that the family are going to. The display is on the opposite direction from my owners’ bedroom window, so we may not see that much.

Sometimes life isn’t fair. Because Shadow is in such a chewy place in her life, My Mistress has given her the last of the big chews to keep her occupied. I’ve shared the other ones with her, but I’ve been told that I’m not allowed this one. Apparently, the problem is that when I get involved we go through them too quickly and although my Mistress has promised to look for some more at Discover Dogs, she’s not sure she will find anymore quite like this one until she goes to Belgium next time. At least it gives her a good excuse for a visit.

The latest obsession with the Harry Potter Playstation game has become worse. My Mistress is now resorting to finding ‘cheats’ on the internet and tips on how to make sure you pick up everything your supposed to as you go along. Combined with the new memory card that she’s bought, this could take up an awful lot of her free time. At least we get to cuddle up on the sofa while she’s playing.