Tuesday 3rd November 2009

We had a great time at the Great Swiss Halloween party last Saturday. We looked like lap dogs compared to most of the animals that were there. In addition to the Great Swiss there were Bernese a Leonberger and a Great Dane all of which we huge. The Dalmatians were more in our league, just a little bit highly strung. We did an agility course that both Shadow and I rather enjoyed and there were some races where we had to run with our owners dressed up and looking silly. To be honest in those ones, I wanted to disown my owners but there was precious little I could do about it.  The highlight of the afternoon as far as I was concerned was the sausage race. You had to run to three different dishes, eat three pieces of sausage off each plate and then run back to the start. This was not Shadow’s forte. She wanted to eat each piece of sausage individually and savour the taste. I however excelled and wolfed my sausage down without a thought and was back at the start whilst the others were still thinking about it. I did have to admire a rather large Bernese Mountain Dog who took the approach of trying to eat the plates as well and pulled his owner across to the dishes of the other dogs to see if he could find any more. All in all, we had a lot of fun and would definitely be up for going again. My Mistress needs to go again as she bought a rather cute fridge magnet of a Great Swiss puppy and promptly lost it in a car park on the A1 when she took Shadow out to go to the toilet.