Friday 23rd October 2009

Getting a bank account for us dogs is not proving easy. Last time my Mistress was called into the local branch because there was something missing on the application form, the woman in the bank couldn’t find anything missing so my Mistress had a completely wasted journey. Now she has been called into the bank, because their head office sent the form back because of a missing signature. It turns out that we were supposed to guess that an additional signature was required and it isn’t actually marked on the form. My Mistress is almost at the point of telling us we will have to keep our money in a piggy bank under the bed. We’re not really likely to get any interest and we don’t have very much money, so I’m thinking this may be the easiest option. The only problems are that you can’t pay cheques into a piggy bank and you can’t write cheques on them. Although on that latter point I did have a thought. If the Bank of England can issue pieces of paper that say they ‘promise to pay the bearer the sum of £10’, then why can’t we start issuing something similar in the dog world? Then eventually if people wanted them settled, rather than just keep circulating them, they could ask our piggy bank to see if it could throw out a few coins.

As things stand, this is just another area of inequality for dogs, but I think that given the current banking crisis it is as good an opportunity as we are going to get to set up some real competition. Of course, we may have to consult with some local pigs as so far in the animal world they really have been the experts.