Thursday 22nd October 2009

It’s always a benefit to the dogs of the house when someone drops the box of cereal. When it’s oat cereal it’s even better, except for the people who then have to spend the day with you charging round the house for no apparent reason. I don’t mean the people are charging round the house, although some of them have eaten oat cereal too.

The main thing I want to talk about today though is the dreadful advert which is currently running to highlight the problems of climate change. It is nothing short of sick to show pictures of a little dog drowning and a rabbit crying because he’s got no water. I know that to be fair they weren’t a real dog and rabbit, they were cartoon drawing playing the parts of those animals, but to show such atrocities to small children in an attempt to get them to make their parents change is nothing short of cruel manipulation. What will they do next? Will it be deemed acceptable to see granny failing to make it through the floods or their favourite teddy being swept away to sea? Surely even in a propaganda war there are acceptable limits beyond which humans shouldn’t be allowed to go. I’m off to add my paw print to the petition going to Downing Street to complain. I just hope the Prime Minister will be sensitive enough to take into account the feelings of a puppy and an unhappy dog. What are children supposed to do? When it’s dry they are going to start worrying about the rabbit and whether it’s got enough water and when it rains they are going to start worrying about whether there’s going to be flooding and their dog might drown and all this while still demanding lifts to everywhere from their parents.