Tuesday 20th October 2009

There was a very sad story the other day. You might think that the Government scrappage scheme for cars is a good thing, but have you stopped to think how the cars might feel about it. Some of them might well be broken down wrecks that are glad to be put out of their misery, but there are perfectly good cars being terminated before their time. It’s even worse than that when you realise there are little cars like my barchetta going to the great scrap yard in the sky. We had an email from a car breakers saying they were scrapping a perfectly good car under the scheme and did we want to buy any parts to make improvements to our little car. Well, I took the email straight to my Mistress and said “Please tell me this is a joke. They can’t do this can they?” Unfortunately it seems that not only can they do this, but they are doing it. Ok, so I understand that the second hand value of the car is currently less than two thousand pounds but don’t they realise that they are becoming collectors’ items? Very soon car enthusiasts all over the world will be proud to have one of these cars in their ownership. I might need to do something about the odd patches of rust that are starting to show in mine, but otherwise it is in good repair. I’m even taking it to get some bright new headlamps fitted later this week. To be fair the ones it came with are a bit like having someone walk in front of you with a dim torch and don’t enable you to actually see the road, but otherwise I maintain it is a good car.