Monday 19th October 2009

Despite the disagreements along the way, you will be pleased to hear that yesterday’s shopping trip was successful. My Master and Mistress both compromised on the fireplace and have found something that they will both be happy with. Then we went to the carpet shop and were all happy with the wool ones and even found some colours that they both liked. Of course the colours won’t actually go with the rest of the decoration but it is if you’ll pardon the carpet pun, a step in the right direction.

My Mistress took my Master up to see how the new house was progressing yesterday and I think it’s fair to say he was impressed. Fortunately my Mistress spotted a plan on the wall that was out of date and hopes she has alerted the builder before anything is put in the wrong place.

I’m waiting to see what happens with the garden as it is all a bit of a wasteland at the moment. There are weeds growing everywhere in the lawn, where there is lawn anyway. On the whole there’s rubble, cement and bare patches. The beautiful little garden at the front of the house, where my Mistress and James planted lots of pretty flowers and shrubs, is well, to be honest, destroyed. I know she can do it all again and next time it will be worth it, but it’s a little bit disappointing to put it mildly. On the promising side, three of the gladioli bulbs she put in did manage to flower before they became completely overgrown.

Shadow talked briefly to the owner of two of her brothers yesterday. Apparently one of them looks just like her. I’m sorry that I won’t get to meet them at Discover Dogs next month. Still to be fair it is my own fault that I can’t always be trusted around other dogs. I’d be all right if they made sure no Jack Russells or Labradors came round my way.