Saturday 17th October 2009

It’s all a bit complicated, but my grandparents didn’t come to stay for the weekend after all. A friend of James has swine flu and they didn’t want to take the risk. More to the point, my Mistress didn’t want them to take the risk after all, my granddad will be 84 next month, although you’d never believe that as he is healthier than all the rest of us. So it’s just us as normal and a quiet weekend.

Shadow and I have started to have one or two arguments over whose turn it is with the gigantic chew that we’ve got. We don’t normally fight but we had a bit of a barney over it and my Mistress has to intervene. She told us both off and said that the chew will be removed if we don’t behave ourselves. She says she won’t stand for barking in the house. We’re allowed to bark outside if we want to, but not indoors. I suppose it seems reasonable when you think she applies the same rule to the children and shouting.

I am very upset to see there is going to be a post strike next week. It means an extra day without the biscuit that our postman, Brian, brings us every day that he’s working. I’m wondering if we could persuade him to come round to play with us for the day as he won’t have to be out delivering post. He really is a very special postman and we know we’re very lucky to have him. He was explaining what the strike was about the other day and inconvenient as it may be to us, they really do have a point. I suppose you appreciate the cost of the postal service more when you live in a village and realise how much it costs to travel to the shops or for that matter any service. When you live in a city it’s amazing the things that you more easily take for granted.