Wednesday 7th October 2009

It seems that I was premature in bringing you news of the heating being turned on for the autumn. I was turned on, in that I was correct. However I was reckoning without an all day power cut which meant we didn’t have the facility to boil a kettle, let alone hot water on tap. I do like living in a village, but there are certain minor drawbacks that have to be overcome. We are at or near the end of the line for services. That is those services which are actually delivered. There is no gas in the village. Broadband is not available universally and we get cuts in electricity and water at regular intervals.

Losing power in the 1970’s with the miners’ strikes was one thing. In those days, if you worked from home you did it with pen and paper. Ok, I am exaggerating there were people with things like electric sewing machines who would be more widely affected, but now if there’s no power then there’s no computers. You might have a laptop with a battery life of a couple of hours but that is only really useful when you have a mobile broadband contract in a place with mobile broadband coverage. Once again, this is not our village.

So it was that yesterday we had to resort to old fashioned pleasures for much of the day and spent our time curled up in bed reading. Quite honestly from a dogs point of view, this is pretty much the ideal day and Shadow and I were not complaining. My Mistress said that what she wanted most of all was a hot cup of coffee and that was exactly what she made for herself when the power came back on.