Tuesday 6th October 2009

You’re going to have to forgive me if I seem a little down today. Flöry accidentally lay on one of her puppies and she died. I’m feeling really sad for Flöry. She’s being such a good mum. It must have been a very sad loss for her. I just hope she is able to take extra special care of the remaining three puppies and isn’t too distressed.

It seems that autumn is well and truly here and my Mistress has agreed to turn the central heating on, as long as we don’t make the house too warm. I said there wasn’t much fear of that given how often she opens the back door for us to go out. She said we needed to talk about that. She’s not prepared to leave the back door open through the winter for us to come and go as we please. We’re going to have to make our minds up whether we are inside or outside. What usually happens is that the minute she closes the door, we start worrying that we’re missing something and ask to be let back in. Then once we’re inside and she closes the door, we say that actually we quite liked it outside today. It’s great being a dog. If you’ve got an owner that’s as soft as ours, you can keep the game going all day.

It’s been agreed that we can go to the Great Swiss Mountain Dogs Halloween party in a few weeks time. There’s going to be an egg and spoon race amongst other things, but they aren’t using real eggs. I’ve told Shadow that if she’s scared then I’ll do my best to look after her. I’ve also asked my Mistress if I can have another of those glow stick things on my collar so that I can cast a scary shadow and frighten some of the bigger dogs.